AS E-Piim Toomine New 6MW BFB boiler

AS NAPAL finished construction of a new 6MW biomass boiler plant at AS E-Piim Toomine site to replace the old Shale oil boiler. The new boiler is fitted with a electrical filter manufactured by Scheuch GmbH to reduce emissions.

Boiler specification:

Type: BFB (Bubbling Fluidized-Bed Boilers)

Manufacturer: Vapor OY

Output: 6 MW

Steam output: 9,6 t/h

Pressure: 15,9 bar

Steam temperature: 204°C

Boiler erection was done in cooperation with many subcontractors. The largest whom was Ciest Metal OÜ who manufactured and installed the air- and exhaust ducts.

AS Napal erection of boiler. 
AS Napal automation and low voltage work.

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