napal service

Napal Service OÜ have been founded in 2009 on the basis of Napal AS maintenance department.

Our goal is to provide high quality and prompt maintenance and repair services for heating and fuel gas equipment. We also offer a number of support services in thermal engineering field.

Our team of technicians consists of 12 people, having 7 to 44 years professional experience. All service technicians have received extensive specialized training and possess the necessary skills and certificates.

At the moment, Napal Service OÜ provide regular services for more than 100 boiler houses and heating units. Our customers are for example AS Tallinna Küte, AS Eraküte, AS Fortum Termest, Tallinn University of Technology, Saku Brewery, Tere AS and Vopak E.O.S. In addition to regular customers we have number partners, who order seasonal maintenance works.


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