Nordecon International and Napal AS won a joint bid procurement

Nordecon International (formerly Eesti Ehitus) and Napal AS won a joint bid procurement called by Kohtla-Järve Soojus for design and construction of Ahtme peak load and reserve boiler-house. Preparatory works begin in July this year.


15 years anniversary

20. In November we have celebrated Napal’s 15th anniversary in Tallinn Teachers’ House with our clients and partners. With great music, dancing and lot of fun, there was pleasing to relax from everyday life and cold weather. Photos from the occasion can be seen in November 27th issue of Eesti Ekspress weekly, under heading Seltskond, and also in our picture gallery.


Estonian Companies’ Competitiveness Ranking 2007

We earned 218th place in Estonian Companies’ Competitiveness Ranking. In 2006 we where in 275th and in 2005 in the 384rd place. In the subgroup of “small and medium size enterprises", we are in 34th place and in the subgroup “industrial and energy companies” we are now in 38th place.

Ehitusfirmade TOP 2006

"Äripäeva" poolt koostatud edetabelis "Ehitusfirmade TOP 2006" saavutasime 64-nda koha. 2005-ndal aastal olime 74-ndal kohal.

Aastakäive üle 100 miljoni krooni

Esimest korda meie firma ajaloos tõusis aastakäive üle 100 miljoni krooni. Seda eeskätt meile kõigile tuntud partnerite nagu AS Trendgate, AS Sillamäe OIl Terminal, AS Fortum-Termest, AS Tallina Küte...

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