Vacon 100 frequency converter

VACON V100 HVAC sets new standard for frequency converters. Vacon V100 frequency converter is specifically designed for building’s HVAC automation systems. V100 can serve for wide variety of building automation functions. One of the main features of Vacon V100 HVAC is ease to use. V100 power range is 1.1kW to 30kW and power supply range is 380V to 480V AC.

In terms price, V100 also offers value for money and is able to compete with simpler and cheaper frequency converters.

Vacon_100_sagedusmuundurGraphical display
• In multimonitor mode, up to nine different operation parameters can be monitored simultaneously.
• Digital User Manual
• Quick start adviser
• Defaults values are optimized for a typical HVAC application
• Suggestions for setting up PID, multi-pump and network interfaces

Data communication connections

The Vacon V100 HVAC is the only frequency converter on the market, which includes Ethernet and RS485 interfaces as standard Ethernet based protocols: Modbus / TCP and BACnet / IP. RS485 based protocols: Modbus RTU, BACnet MSTP and N2



Fire mode: Ensures operation of the smoke fan in the fire situation; switching off motor protection and diagnostics.
Multi-pump/fan: Multi-pump control feature allows changing of speed and switching of additional pumps on and off
PID: Two integrated PID regulators
Real time clock: Enables real-time programming of frequency converter parameters.
Energy consumption supervision: Monitors kWh consumption and allows estimation of actual savings.


Chokes: For harmonic current reduction Integrated
RFI filters: For reduction of RF interference EMC: EN 61000-3-12, EN 61800-3 (1996) + A11 (2000), Category C2
Capacitors: Long life and high efficient 'thin film' (electrolyte free) capacitors
Safety: 61800-5-1(2007), UL 508 C
Approvals: CE, UL, cUL
Control signals: Location on the terminal board is similar to all other Vacon frequency converters

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