AS Napal is a 25-year-old company based on domestic capital whose activity is to build boiler houses and cogeneration plants, to import, install and maintain heat equipment.

To date, we have installed more than 2000 MW boiler capacity, Iru power plant 368 MW renovation, one boiler KVGM 50, two boilers KVGM 100 and one boiler PTVM 100, Ahtme 100MW boiler house and other regionally important boiler houses.

The acquisition of such a large market share has become possible thanks to satisfied customers and a high quality service system 24 hours a day. We make offers according to the customers’ preferences for the products, as we are free in our dealings with suppliers and have no contractual restrictions.

We base our work on the principle that if our customers do well, we will do well. We are the longest-running energy construction company in Estonia with long-term loyal customers.